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Monoscopic & Stereoscopic 360 Video

Shooting and postproduction of high-quality 360 stereoscopic video for packaging and delivery across multiple platforms.

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Virtual Reality

3D interactive VR designed and developed according to the requirements and needs of each project.

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Augmented Reality

Direct interaction between user and product through the smartphone’s camera, with sales/purchasing information tailored for each client.

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360 Live Streaming

Live streaming of 360 events.

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3D Film and Video

Film and video shooting services, and stereoscopic postproduction for Broadcast quality.

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2D to 3D Digital Conversion

Conversion of 2D film and video to 3D for high quality screening in film theatres and/or digital formats.

We produce and develop entirely in-house.

Our combined professional experience allows us to design, build and deploy our own equipment and technology for each specific project.